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Peer Reviewed Publications


Katsiveli, S., and, Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2020). Discursive constructions of the enemy through metonymy: the case of CitizenGo's anti-genderist e-petitions. Anglistica AION 24(1), 9–23.


Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2020). Ego-dystonic stance-taking in sexual orientation obsessive-compulsive disorder (SO-OCD). Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders 27.

Coimbra-Gomes, E. and Motschenbacher, H. (2019). Language, normativity and sexual orientation obsessive-compulsive disorder (SO-OCD): A corpus-assisted discourse analysis. Language in Society 48(4): 565–584.

PhD Thesis


Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2021). Language and Normativity in Sexuality and Gender-Related Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: a Netnographic-Informed Corpus-Assisted Discourse Study. Unpublished PhD Thesis. Queen Mary University of London.



Media Outreach Publications

Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2019). A linguist asks: "What can obsessive-compulsive disorder tell us about society's perception of gender, sexuality, and love?". Equilibrium Magazine 67, 28–31.


Gomes, E.C. (2017). Exploring normative regulations of sexual intrusive thoughts via (virtual) ethnographic approaches and corpus-assisted discourse analysis. IGALA Blog, 20th November.

Gomes, E. (2015). #OCDletmego: Ein Musikprojekt zu Zwangsstörungen. Newsletter Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Zwangsstörungen 2, 8–9.

Software Manual

Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2022). Guide introductif à Classcraft pour les enseignant·e·s de Suisse romande.


Peer-Reviewed Conference Talks & Posters


Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2023). The Ethical and Technical Struggles in Building an Online Forum to Collect Data from Vulnerable Participants. Digging into Data: Methods for the Collection and Mining of Various Types of Linguistic Data. University of Lausanne.

Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2021). (Hetero)Normative Orientations in Discourses of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: an Ethnographic-Informed Corpus-Assisted Discourse Analysis. 17th International Pragmatics Conference. Zürich University of Applied Sciences.

Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2021). Orienting towards Extreme Forms of Heteronormativity in Discourses of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Sociolinguistics Symposium 23. University of Hong Kong. Video.

Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2021). Orienting towards Extreme Forms of Heteronormativity in Discourses of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Swiss English Language and Linguistics 2021. University of Zürich.

Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2019). Linguistic Construction of Ego-Dystonic Stance in Sexual Orientation OCD. International OCD Foundation Conference and Research Symposium. Austin, Texas (USA). 18-21 July. *Won award for best poster*.


Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2018). Triangulating Ethnographic Approaches with Corpus-Assisted Discourse Analysis to Explore Discourses of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). BAAL Health & Science Communication SIG Workshop – Mixing it up: multi-methods, media and modalities. King's College London (UK). 21 November.


Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2018). Reflections about the Legitimization of Sexuality-Themed Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Using Two Perspectives on Mental Illness: Philosophy and Linguistics. University of East Anglia (UK). 13-14 September. Abstract.


Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2018). Sexual Orientation Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Sufferers’ Discursive Construction of Ego-Dystonic Stance. Corpus and Discourse International Conference. Lancaster University (UK). 22-24 June. Abstract and Poster.


Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2018). Think Tank: How to Construct an Online Community for Research Purposes? Sociolinguistics Summer School 3. King's College London (UK). 11-13 June.


Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2018). Coming Out and Back in Again: How SO-OCD Male Sufferers Come Out as … Straight?!. Lavender Languages & Linguistics 25. Rhode Island College (USA). 20-22 April. Abstract.


Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2017). Negotiating Sexual Orientation Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (SO-OCD) to Construct a Masculine Heterosexual Identity. Lavender Languages & Linguistics 24. University of Nottingham (UK). 28-30 April. Slides and abstract.


Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2016). “What if I’m Gay?”: A Corpus Linguistic Analysis of Sexual Orientation Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (SO-OCD) Narratives. ConSOLE XXIV. York St John University (UK). 6-8 January. Abstract and handout, video presentation.



Invited Guest Lectures


Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2021). Normative Orientations in the Discourse of LGBTQ+ Sexual Orientation OCD Sufferers. BAAL: Language, Gender & Sexuality SIG Online Seminar Series. Video.


Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2020). Ego-dystonic Stance in Sexual Orientation Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Interlab Seminar. Montreal Mental Health Institute Research Center. 21 Feburary.


Coimbra-Gomes, E. (2018). Normative Regulations in Discourses of Sexuality-/Gender-Themed OCD. Interlab Seminar. King's College London. 2 May.

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